large photo of a Griz and cub
Sat., 19 June, 2010. I was climbing with Glacier Mountaineers, destination Grinnell Point in Glacier NP. A quarter of the way up the SE side, we had to hike on a narrow ledge around a sharp cliff angle. A member of our party stepped forward to look for the next cairn. Immediately he stepped back. I moved forward to confirm the way and found myself staring into the face of Mother Griz with two yearlings behind her. I was 10 feet away max. She filled my entire field of vision. From behind I heard the plastic safety catches snapping off 8 cans of bear spray as I was still reaching for mine. Perhaps because of our numbers, Mama Griz stood head on for a moment and then turned to descend down a cliff. The yearlings advanced toward me, pondered a bit and then followed their mother. Because my camera is attached to my chest pack-strap I was able to catch photos of the bears. I am and have been for a long time now a strong advocate of bear spray when in bear country. I am glad to be alive. Tim Horan.